Nayse Hillesheim

Holder of a master’s in Professional Translation and a degree in Law, Nayse Hillesheim is a Lawyer-Linguist graduate from the Institute of Translators, Interpreters and International Relations (ITIRI), Strasbourg, specialising in legal translation.

She offers translation, proofreading, post-editing and subtitling services from English or French to Portuguese. Born in Brazil and based in Strasbourg, Nayse Hillesheim provides you with the linguistic and technical skills to professionally and flawlessly translate all types of documents.

Thanks to a network of professional translators, she can also support the management of multilingual projects with reliability and responsiveness.

Her areas of translation include:

  • Legal (contracts, articles of association, judgments)
  • Medical (clinical studies, product information, test reports)
  • Technical (user guides, maintenance manuals, technical data sheets)
  • Cultural (exhibition catalogues, programs, subtitles, scripts)
  • Journalism (articles, reports, interviews, reviews, press releases)
  • Tourist (guides, travel brochures)
  • Computing (software, websites, messaging)


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